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High School Completion

Get your High School Diploma!
Take classes to obtain employment!
Enhance your skills to improve your current job!

HSC students must be 20 years or older as of September 1, 2013.


Call 313-827-1900 for registration appointment.

In order to assess academic needs, transcripts must be brought with you to registration.

High school classes are offered to those who need credit to get a high school diploma. Classes are on-line so internet access outside the classroom is required.Internet access can also be scheduled in the Adult Education Office at the Dearborn Heights Campus.

A minimum of 19 credits is required in Adult Education to be eligible to receive a high school diploma through Dearborn Adult Education. Each class earns a 1/2 credit.

Call (313) 827-1900 for more information

15 thoughts on “High School Completion”

  1. i am looking for ESL classes for my housebound in evening time near by my house . but i only found in Ann arbor that is too far away for us. this is not possibly that i can find in Miller elementary school please

  2. I am from jackson Michigan and want to finish earning my diploma. I am now 26 years old. Is this an option through here?

  3. I only have 1 credit and I am 22 I dropped out when I was 15-16 I can’t remember is it impossible for me to ever get a high school diploma? I really don’t want a GED as i’m not interested in that.

  4. hello ,
    my name is tori and i am from Marietta, GA. i have been out of high school for a few years and want to earn my high school diploma but have most of my credits. was wondering what i would need to do to make this happen?

  5. Hello my name is Mariah and I dropped out of high school my senior year at north Eugene high school because I had my son, I know I only need 5-6 credits left to graduate I would really love it if I could finish to make myself and my son proud. Is there a chance for me?

  6. i called already once regarding the high school completion, and they were saying that 19 credits were required. I got my transcripts from my previous high school, and I only have 18 credits, can I still register for the high school completion?


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