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4 thoughts on “2018-2019 Adult Ed Class Calendar”

  1. Hello Adult Ed,
    My daughter Mayssa Fakih took basics of digital photography-series and we’re asking for a copy of the receipt , Mayssa gave it to Ms.Malyn the first day class.and forgot to get it back.. She needs to show her art teacher that she took the order to get credit for it. Ms.Malyn canceled the next course due to surgery. I’d really appreciate if you could just send an email that we paid for the class and Mayssa was in class for 3 session a total of 6 hours, it was 1475-W18D, JAN.24,31 & Feb7. Ms.Malyn can also verify this to be true as well.Thank you so much and we wish Ms.Malyn a speedy recovery!
    Sincerely, Minna Fakih


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